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The only reason we're not sure yet if it fixes getting launched into space (which it shouldn't, as that thing is usually caused by angles and not ability overlap AFAIK) is because the launch is so rare that you can't really rule it out just because it hasn't happened yet. I'm fully expecting to hear within the next week or two that someone gets launched though, and that this was all just to screw with our class XD
I was launched across the map earlier today in the new huttball so now it doesn't fix anything.

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If you do the math it only nerfs infiltration/deception's DPS by about 80 DPS. So it's not a serious nerf but it is still a nerf to one of the already lowest-parsing classes.
How would one do the math to find that ? I'm curious. I tried earlier, but obviously failed since I found a bigger DPS lost
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