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If you do the math it only nerfs infiltration/deception's DPS by about 80 DPS. So it's not a serious nerf but it is still a nerf to one of the already lowest-parsing classes.

But yeah, this really screws with shadow rotation, it makes it extremely clunky and annoying, and severely hamper's Shadow's/Sin's utility on the few fights where it's actually extremely useful. E.g. Brontes, where you can zip around through the Clock Phase, etc. This is because you now have an essentially 1.55 second delay where you're doing 0 DPS, and in that time frame that's all it takes for other DPS classes to do enough damage clean up, whereas deception/infiltration had a slight advantage in that role.

Also, it's not 1.5s + 0.25s because you should be using an 1866 Alacrity build which reduces your GCD to 1.3s.

That being said, I'm switching to serenity it looks like. This is a really annoying and unnecessary change that doesn't even fix the problems with shadow stride/holotraverse. I could understand it if it actually fixed the issues with shadow stride, or the uncoupled shadow stride from infiltration's rotation, but it doesn't, and they didn't.
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