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Yeah sure, why not delete phantom stride? We don't need that crap anyway, we can just waste one of our best dcd as a gap closer in the first second of the fight.
Seriously, why are you defending this change? Or should juggs use mad dash instead of force charge and PTs pop their hydraulics? Sins have this ability for a reason. Sure, we can adjust until this fix is unfixed again but that doesn't mean it should stay like this.
What kind of weird reasoning is this, you can waste force speed if you have problems pressing movement keys and need to quickly get to the boss and start using abilities. Generally, you don't need your defensive cooldowns anyway within the first few seconds of the fight so your entire argument doesn't make sense, most tank on Nightmare already use DPS adrenal at the start, cause there is simply no need to save all your defensives for Revan core.

It's not a great change, sure, but the impact is incredibly limited and I don't see who so many of you are making a big deal out of it, as far as I can read from your reasoning it's more due to lack of proper ability usage that is the cause of your aggro issues.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darittha View Post
Force Pull->1,5secs GCD->Phantom Stride->0,25secs GCD->combat
that 1,5secs that got thrown in there is
making my like living hell especially on bosses
like Raptus who have plenty of time to jump on
you before u can close the distance with your
Phantom Stride.
The Raptus argument doesn't make any sense, even when you have everyone using rebounders to push it quicker into the next phase you will have AoE taunt back if you are required to use it. If you are not using rebounders you can simply start with phantom stride, no need to use force pull, and do double taunt to maintain aggro. Don't blame your flawed ability rotation on this change.

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