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10.03.2018 , 01:43 PM | #23
if something negatively affects all specs of single class it should be deleted. i play tank sin only and the change we got is real hindrance imo.

Force Pull->Phantom Stride->combat.
this was perfect opener. once you used Pull, you could use stride to
close distance even while global CD was running because stride
was off GCD and then normally tank rest of the fight with high starting

Force Pull->1,5secs GCD->Phantom Stride->0,25secs GCD->combat
that 1,5secs that got thrown in there is
making my like living hell especially on bosses
like Raptus who have plenty of time to jump on
you before u can close the distance with your
Phantom Stride.

My friend suggested to stay at 10m and use
Force Speed but that is also hindered: Force Pull->1,5secs GCD->Force Speed->combat.

As for dps specs i dont play it but from what ive seen on this forum and on guildchat it messes up rotation and lowers overall dps-> not good either.

As i never noticed any instance when Phantom Stride overlapped with "other movement abilities" i really dont get why they had to "fix" it. Assassin tank is my main character and the only thing i noticed that should warrant some fix was bad platforming that caused a person to fall down when Phantom Stride was targeted on someone close to the edge of some platform - and even this is something that u stop noticing after few mins of playing. But something nobody noticed needed fixing more than that? And as a bonus all three class specs get nerfed? This needs to be undone immediately so Phantom Stride can be free of GCD like before.