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In no way is this a "cripple" to tanking, simply do force pull from 10m and then follow that up with normal rotation, no need of using phantom stride at all, use force speed if you are slow at getting to your target. If you are still struggling with maintaining aggro you can either use your first taunt earlier, use a DPS Adrenal, use Recklessness, use Overcharged Saber or a combination of those. After your 3rd taunt, you will have the highest threat on the target and it will be incredibly difficult for someone to get aggro, even if you have worse gear than the DPS or aren't using power mods.
Sure, it isn't THAT bad. But it is still an unnecessary change that is not welcome. Especially for Deception.

P.S. And by the way, I don't even know what they fixed with this. I have already seen people teleported 30+m away in the wrong direction after using holotraverse/Phantom stride. May be the bug where you get thrown upwards into the sky?
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