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This is a bad idea as well.

They should merge servers to preserve communities/guilds etc. This is the best answer. Once the server pops stabilize then allow a paid transfer service to be implemented. The only reason this isnt happening is because of "bad press", which is asinine because SWTOR is swimming in bad press as it is.
It's not the best answer because merges, in the past, have always been incredibly buggy at best, rendered the game unplayable for most at worst. And here we have a game that is complicated with Legacy, which makes merges more complicated than any other MMO.

No thanks.

Rift's solution last year was the best, most smooth solution ever. Transfer, then eventually shut down servers. Transfers have yet to actually disrupt communities/guilds in other MMOs, and to expect it suddenly, magically will here is to fly in the face of history.
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