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06.06.2012 , 12:49 PM | #114
Question on character renames on transferred player...will any sort of prioritization be used to determine which character requires a rename? Or is the mere existence of a name on a server sufficient to force a rename for the incoming character?

Example: I have Luke, of the Skywalker legacy on server A, which is a source server. I've been playing him since Early Access, have him at level 50, etc. On server B, the designated destination server, there is also already a character named Luke, but the person who made him bought the game, played their free month, and left, never having subscribed...does he get to keep the name just because he was on the server first, or do I, as a loyal customer, get to keep the name of a character I've played, and he gets flagged for a rename if he ever comes back to the game? What if there are multiple incoming characters, what is the prioritization of who gets the name? Similarly for Legacy name.

Question on Legacy...I understand that if I merge characters each with a Legacy, highest wins...but that seems to imply that all progress on my other legacy is lost. Is that correct? Or is there going to be some way to merge the Legacy Experience? If not, why not?