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01.18.2012 , 06:55 PM | #2801
We had a pretty epic battle going on in Ilum today, I can see what the intent was and it was fun, the camping.... the farming the other faction for valor??? yeah, not so much.

I tend to agree with, you should have immediately suspended Ilum as soon as the problem was noted.

Now I don't think that people are farming turrets like some others are claiming, they have been proven to not give valor, but faction balance is broken and your giving too much valor. Immediately suspend Ilum. Shut. It. Down. There are a ton of suggestions in this thread, read them, digest them, implement at least some of them!!!

I queue'd up for a WZ earlier, I am republic. I get into this new and nifty idea for WZ's that you had, lvl 50 only. Well here's the problem, I have roughly 350 expertise, almost all of my gear is champ except for two pieces of centurian. I couldn't even poke my head out, I was insta killed. They had four operatives, all over 18k health, two sorcerers, both over 17k health, a juggernaut over 20k health, I didn't get to see the bounty hunters, but I'm sure it was just as ridiculous. To me that means that our group with me having the most expertise, went up against EIGHT IMPERIALS WHO WERE BATTLEMASTER. How is this balanced? I don't believe we even got one kill.

Maybe adding in a ranking system, and playing people closer to your rank might make the game more challenging interesting, but right now it's completely broken. They just completely facerolled us and we never had a chance.

I'll run some more WZ tonight and see if it gets any better, if not, guess I subbed into a PVE only game.

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