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I just had a Group Finder FP run with a player queued as Damage. (this was Republic side, translations provided for Imperial players reference frame)

He was a Shadow (Assassin), spec'd Kinetic Combat (Darkness), using Combat Technique (Dark Charge). Every single pull, from start to finish, his rotation was:
  • stand 10 yards away
  • use Telekinetic Throw (Force Lightning) on cooldown
  • use Project (Shock) on cooldown
  • use Force Breach (Discharge) on cooldown
  • maintain Kinetic Ward (Dark Ward) religiously at 15 charges
  • stand there and do nothing else in-between these 4 cooldowns

Watching someone with a double-bladed lightsaber and rocks swirling around them stand outside melee range, never once swing their saber, and spam weak rock attacks was... really, really weird.

Damage was agonizingly low, fights took forever, but at least we had a Guardian DPS who really, really knew her stuff and carried us through (just barely) on tighter fights.
Swear I just had this player just now but as a tank.

Never seen a shadow tank stand so far doing so little other than spam pebbles.

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