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Then you were too slow in pulling, that's why it happened. Sure take your time before boss, but dont stand around before every pack, possibly asking "rdy?"
No that wasn't the reason. When DPS starts fights before I even log into the FP, when DPS runs ahead while I'm healing and jumps mobs, when I ask why and I am told "This is just crap trash that I don't need you for! You just stay back with the healer until I tell you you're needed!"

The fact is I'm not God's gift to Tanking. Therefore every chance I get to gather and hold agro on a proper pull helps me learn. I go the pace I go and any DPS that can't handle that and refuses to allow me to properly fulfill my role goes on my ignore list and gets to listen to the rest of the group rail at him/her for costing them a tank while he/she waits for another tank that's content to be their personal meatshield and come when called.