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09.20.2017 , 01:17 PM | #15
Most importantly the team should look at fixing Pooled Hatred utility for the next dcd/utility patch. It really hampers the discipline with its dps performance in ranked pvp. Please look at Nightrain's thread.

Also I think that Ravage should hit much harder, I'd even be happy to see chilling scream aoe go away completely.
Bloodmaster 15% from 9% is v. nice. Not happy with burning blade buff. It is very short in duration and difficult to dotspread due to it. I'd rather see Shatter's / Plasma Brand's damage over-time damage increased. The spec was just fine during 4.0 pts testing, nerf bat it received was unjustified. You should look back at Shatter back then.

Also with nerfing Chilling Scream dot you are affecting dps output of both Rage and Defense disciplines. You need to adjust for that appropriately!