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YOU did it. I had the same problem too, but I did it. But I really like this PvP activity, if not for it, I would leave SWTOR permanently long ago.
The problem is - how much people just tried the gsf got curbstomped few times (or were in 500:1000 DOM match, where they couldn't absolutely do anything, because people did 2:1 split) then said 'meh, *** it'?... The fact that *you* had the dedication doesn't mean *others* will. Maybe those others *would* stay and get better if not for the fact that they were discouraged at the start?...
Also, don't forget that GSF is a team game. You won't do anything about good premade alone.
I did and I expect others to do or at least try to too. You should not enter a competitive game with the expectation to perform well in the start. I can confirm the pre-made bit as I just recently got a few people to bear with my coaching in GSF after which we solo queued (since the q was not popping when we were grouped)...we got a premade in the 2 games that we played( 1 scout that basically acted like an alarm for one satellite, 2 interdiction bombers and a sf ). We got destroyed TWICE(at least the unlucky ones that didnt get on their team). The first game (I was playing an unupgraded clarion to level myself with newer pilots) we got 3-0ed, we regained control of one sat for like 15 secs at the end and I barely did 15k dmg. The second game (I played Pike) I got 35k but we still lost miserably by having 2-1 sats almost the whole game, but we put up a way better fight than the first. This did not make me quit GSF, even though it made me mad that that kind of tm gets a q while we wait for 20 minutes and get none when we are in a group (albeit it could have been the difference in our hidden gsf ratings that made our mm longer).

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With all due respect, you didn't even differentiate between TDM and DOM here. That says something
Also, assuming you'd say '15k+ dam in TDM or 10 medals in DOM - good luck getting 10 medals in DOM against a good premade with newbs at your team. Unless they decide to extend your suffering and leave you at one sat alone. 15k+ with (1 good pilot and newbs against premade) in TDM is doable... with an T1 GS and AoE ion rail. Which won't change the result much...
I say 10k dmg OR 10 medals because I dont ever expect people to play for the objective so what I consider as decent players are people who try and suceed at contributing ....somewhat. Yes 10k dmg isn't much and 10 medals is wihtout the dmg doesnt ncesserly mean much either, but ,in my eyes, it shows that you are trying to do something.

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Where did you get that '90%'?... because I can say that is an absolute fake number, unless GSF community on your server is totally fresh.
I play on SF, and 90% is a bit of a exageration my part, but it is still a reality in some of my matches. The more likely statistics are more in the lines of 60-70% which does not really change my point.

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You can get 15k damage and still do practically nothing. Especially in DOM.
I completely agree.

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Now, will people have the MOTIVATION to do it? Because that's what I am saying about. Initial curbstomp will flush most people from the queuing, so you will get the matchmaker with easier work but way lower playerbase to choose from. Resulting in longer waiting times.
This is assuming that the new imaginary mm will have a constant relatively big inflow of new players, and the best time for that change passed with the steam launch. SWTOR is an old game, yes we still get new players, but only a small fraction of them would be interested in a clunky space battle sim...

This is what makes a ranked GSF mm, a beautiful in theory, but ugly in practice idea. I will choose to play against a premade solo every game of GSF I play, instead of getting a ranked GSF mm system which will just exponentially increase queue times.