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Thanks for opening my eyes on those mods, i overlooked them completely. I kinda like your 2nd build.

I'm not concerned about missing a hit, i'm actually aiming for lowering the target's defense by having over 100% accuracy. But maybe that's not very important in PVE, as i've come to realize since reading a few other topics since i posted this.

The relic i picked was not by accident. I picked it cause its effect causes more damage (280>210), even if it was a different type of damage. Why is the elemental one better? (if you care to elaborate) I was actually not sure which to pick (except for the on-use power one).

As for the rest, i know i need to get my crit down, i even said it in my first post. Question was what to replace in order to get that crit down, not lose surge, and get my accuracy higher.

Thanks 4 the replies so far.
as for the relic from what i rember reading is internal if you got arm pen in your build or on your ablities ( debufs didn't count) and elemental is best since we don't really got armor pen we want that cause our force attacks are elemental now this part not sure matters so much cause seems to proc off my juggs melee based attacks as well but from what i read the relic proc's are based off of your force,tech etc crit % and since elemental = force attacks we want the ele 1 since surging charge,discharge and shock does force damage it will proc it. Now the relic you were using got to find the post to tired to look it up atm but i forget what type of dmg it's based on or w/e i want to say melee attacks since it's a enegery damage relic but i do remeber it is ment for Rage jugs or rage maras maybe even carnage mara . now the reasoning may not be 100% but it was something on those lines you gotta look up the forum post about it.

now for the second question anything that has crit and no surge and replace with power the crit mods probally be the easiest to replace

sorry in advance if the first answer is a tad hard to read i'm tired typing this out before i go to bed in about 10min or so
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