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Actually, it is, not the /who in the fleet...but xfire.

To get a rough average you need a large sum of data. That data could range from 100 (very rough) to 1,000,000 (very accurate) as long as it isn't all collected from one geographic location.

Xfire is not restricted to a singular geographic location, ethnicity or financial class, and while it may not be 100% accurate, using the data obtained from xfire is valid. It's the same as polling 1000 people from 50 states breaking each state into 10 sections and polling 100 people from each of the 10 sections. His data doesn't include everyone, but it gives you a rather rough, but valid idea of what is happening to SWTOR.
It's not really the same thing. There's an actual science to polls, none of which was included in his biased opinion article.

It's a representation of what xfire users are doing and nothing more. A lot of people don't use xfire....hell a lot of people don't even know what xfire is. Has the population declined since launch? Absolutely. Is it going to continue losing subs in the short term? Yup. But basing the rate of loss or anything other than data specific to xfire users is silly.
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