Thread: Is SWTOR dying?
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02.28.2012 , 01:47 AM | #507
Yeah, I'm probably not gonna play anymore. Even though I have a bunch of friends playing, the PvP content just isn't fun. The main PvP content in this game is quick-match mini-games, and I find that concept completely underwhelming. There's no persistent open-world pvp, no risk/reward, no siege type events, no territory control. There's just nothing to fight over. You just stand in a virtual line for your turn to play a mini-game that has no effect on the game world whatsoever. It feels like such a waste of an RPG world.

Ilum doesn't count as open-world PvP, it's actually the saddest PvP zone I've ever seen. I can't tell ya how bummed out I was when I got to Ilum and watched a dozen or so people drive around in endless circles.

I don't even see anything exciting on the horizon, just announcements of a new mini-game, and rated mini-games.