Thread: Is SWTOR dying?
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02.28.2012 , 01:30 AM | #505
Quote: Originally Posted by longgrassgrows View Post
i am saying that, yes, this game has acceptable end game content...or at least as much as i expected it to have

you sir, have no idea what it take to make a game on this scale and i suggest you keep quite because of that
Well iv bin playing MMO since 97, I have a very good idea what it takes. Pve is ok for a fresh new game. Its more then most get at the start.

PvP is complete fail. War, rift, AoC (balance) , many more and soon to be SWTOR. All failed.
Ask your self what SWTOR can do to stop from joining that list.
As if they don't do something they will be on it.

Say no all you like, so did the war, rift, AoC , and all the others. It didn't help them as the games died any way but your welcome to say we k.ow nothing.

Good luck with that.