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Fair enough and I concede to that logic. Like I said I don't fly a gunship so I can't comment on what needs changing from that end. Personally I don't like that you can't evade missiles by getting them to run into the environment but that might be a coding issue (for example they couldn't code the missiles to be smart enough to not automatically ram into the environment).

I can only comment from flying strikers (primarily) and scouts. From that seat the biggest problem is evasion since I encounter them dogfighting. I have heard that blaster overcharge is OP but I can't really comment yet on whether it needs to be toned down (not having upgraded my scout much) and I'm rarely, if ever, on the receiving end. Personally I think it's quite probable that both are equally problematic but which appears more problematic depends on whether you're in a striker or gunship.
Overall, they're just an overly dominant ship type with no real weaknesses.