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I also have a serious issue with how evasion allows scouts to be more effective at taking out turrets than strikers. There seems something horribly wrong when a ship with paper thin armor can make an attack run against a defensive hardpoint with little to no risk of getting shot down. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be able to destroy turrets but it should require cooperation with a striker drawing fire.
You can pop them if you actually defend the turrets. A scout flying in a straight line pops just the same as any other ship. Evasion doesn't come out to a straight 41% chance to miss. If a scout flies straight in front of me without maneuvering, nearly all of my shots hit. As a scout pilot, if I fly in a straight line, nearly every shot coming my way hits.

I have the suspicion that what evasion actually does is amplify the accuracy penalty on incoming fire that originates from outside the center of the targeting circle by a set percentage.