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Ok well in that case I'll concede that example. I think we may have been talking from two different perspectives. I'm talking from the view of a striker pilot who has to dogfight the little suckers, you're talking from the gunship view and as I don't fly one I can't comment. I would hesitatingly suggest though that scouts are meant to be gunship hunters so theoretically what you just described is them performing their natural function, not being OP. Again I don't fly gunships so I can't comment of what it's like on the receiving end.

My main complaints of scouts (again from a striker point of view) is that evasion nullifies their weakness in a dogfight which complicates things when flying my striker as I have to stay on their tail longer to do the same amount of damage I would do to a striker with less evasion. In theory if strikers could more easily shoot down scouts by virtue of not having evasion to deal with on top of the natural agility advantage gunships would have an easier time as scouts might be more likely to die.

I also have a serious issue with how evasion allows scouts to be more effective at taking out turrets than strikers. There seems something horribly wrong when a ship with paper thin armor can make an attack run against a defensive hardpoint with little to no risk of getting shot down. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be able to destroy turrets but it should require cooperation with a striker drawing fire.
GSF isn't rock paper scissors. You don't have that kind of system at work. A striker can beat a scout, a scout can beat a striker, a gunship can beat a scout, a scout can beat a gunship, it's scenario dependent, it's also component dependent.

A gunship vs a default scout, the gunship may be able to beat the scout if they're using fortress shields and using the active. they can sponge the scout's puny damage while they lay them out with a charged shot. Not possible with a flashfire, they have too much firepower.

Against a default scout, a gunship can also evade lock on from thermite torpedos just by boosting, avoiding a lockon of cluster missiles is much much harder and usually requires using an engine component skill. Avoiding a cluster missile lock on from a strike fighter is also easier, as you have more of a chance to stay out of range, a flashfire you have very little chance of staying out of their range and you'll find yourself unable to stay out of range after about 8s.