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Just to better define the terms of our discussion, I thought I'd point out the 2 possible ways the Flashfire/Sting/Skybolt/Ocula could be considered overpowered:

1. Flashfire/Sting could be OP when compared to the basic scout types, Blackbolt/Novadive.
The only major advantage I see from the Blackbolt/Novadive is the sensor array, while the Flashfire/Sting has various extra options in blasters, missiles, shields, and cooldowns to make it more dangerous.

2. Flashfire/Sting could be OP when compared to the strikers.
This is the tougher argument to make because the strikers have a definite advantage in hull strength, shield strength, and damage reduction. The strikers also get to choose from a wider array of missiles and blasters, although you might argue that the Sting gets access to the best ones. Of course, the Sting gets 10% base evasion, better turning, blaster overcharge, and access to both armor and shield reactor upgrades (the strikers only get one or the other).
I would like to point out a wider array of blasters only matter if you can hit your enemy, which becomes problematic when scouts can automatically reduce your accuracy by 41% before any tracking penalty is applied. While I haven't done any number crunching I'm not sure that once you factor in the amount of damage evasion allows scouts to dodge outright that the difference between the hull strength & shield would be as different the numbers on paper would suggest.

You should also add that they may be considered OP when they have an ability that literally makes them invulnerable to damage for 3-6 seconds when stacked with maxed out passive evasion. The only way strikers could achieve something similar is if they had an ability that boosted hull and shield strength to 50,000 points.