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01.08.2019 , 10:15 AM | #67
For me its the opposite, if I'm running and accidentally self-destruct due to a careless maneuver or missile break while someone is chasing me. I am disappointed because the pursuer will think he/she caused me to hit the obstacle.

Point is, when someone is hotly pursuing you, and you die, regardless if it shows up on the pursuers kills or not, he is partly responsible for your death - and both parties know it. So there shouldn't be any satisfaction by the corpse.

I also agree with most posts that personal kills or record is meaningless, the team win is all that is important.

That being said, some OTHER video games will register the kill to the last person who did damage to the victim before he died, it wouldn't be that hard to implement that. But really, its unimportant as personal record really is meaningless.