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Lvl 10 relic that requires wind crystals to make them, trainer gives you the blue schematic, then you just need the proc for the purple one. Shouldn't take more than 3 for each that you need to destroy and costs like 10k per relic or so, really really cheap. So dunno what all the fuzz is about...

also 150k health - definitely not from the relics, I have 130k now in full 248 with 236 augments, with windrelics I had 135k health with buffs, but it's possible those people use 246 mods and enhancements that give more endurance.

2 things to that:
246 stuff isn't getting bolstered so what you see is what you get.

and those people are sacrificing other stats like crit/mastery to get more HP.

If you're happy with your crit on 40% or so instead of 45, I guess more HP makes sense - but if you're trying to say the 2 relics bolster you to 20k hp more you're delusional :P

Edit: the 220 gear is the number it shows on top if you have full 248 stuff with only the 2 wind relics equipped, that's your total gear level then. Which when they really use 246 mods that give more to endurance would also explain why they are lower than 220 :P
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