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Last time I checked there is no possibility to "inspect player" inside a match, even if he is a member of the same faction. How exactly are you certain that they had 220 gear? If your answer is inspecting in the fleet, I know a few people who avoid walking with their PVP gear outside of matches, because they don't want people to see how they gear. It is odd, but it exists. Some people feel like math geniuses and don't wanna share their opinion about crit/pow balance willingly or unwillingly. What they do is to switch the gear while waiting for match to begin, and switch back when it ends (if out of combat, else they just gotta be fast on fleet). Or are you saying these people were in your group?

I bought these relics and used them on my operative who had unaugmented 230 relics. It increased DPS by less than 200 (not perfomance-wise, tooltip-wise. Tooltips don't lie about stats), crit by less than 4% (less than 4% is still kinda lot, but remember it is compared to 230, not 248), and increased hp by 2.1k. The fact that rating 50 > rating 230 is stupid, but isn't game breaking or an exploit, especially since these relics are easy to acquire. At first I thought you were referring to the old battlemaster relics or some other no longer accessible item, but if everyone can "cheat", it isn't a cheat really, as long as it gets known more publically.
Itís possible they were on his same team as he didnít say they werenít.

Where do you get the relics. Normally I donít bother with things like this because Bioware fixes them before they become too wide spread. But Iím seeing more and more people using the relics and I prefer an even battlefield.