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12.31.2017 , 04:57 PM | #14
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Usually people who queue in ranked either want more challenging matches, or want to show off how good they are and get really really angry about people who are messing with their ranking...
I've never ever seen anybody queueing for ranked because they wanted to "fight equally equipped people" - if you have top tier you're still better off than anyone who needs bolster, not much but you are...

screaming in frustration because of it? probably a l2p issue and some people with bolster kicked you in the leg :P

PS: also the only real "exploit" there is for the wind relic is the extra amount of HP - and if you don't like it buy them or craft them yourself.
It's Artifice and so low, you only need to craft 15 components or so until you have the required level.
Used to use them for it, then switched back to 248 since they perform slightly better and the extra 3k health or so wasn't worth it.
Lol...3k extra health? I'm seeing people in under 220 gear with over 150k health who do over 600k damage in a match that doesn't grant any CXP because it ended so quickly...