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I don't remember that, but I was more into playing through all the class stories slowly and level 50 PVP back then.

As far as "free gear" goes, there are always catch-up mechanisms that have been in place in this and other MMOs. 126 gear with a set bonus, which if I remember correctly is what Tionese was, wasn't of concern in late 2012.

I would refer you to my previous post for thoughts on craftable 258 gear and potential problems with it:
I get what you're saying, but everything you're describing was possible after the Cartel Market was introduced.

Now, bearing in mind that this is just my experience (so take it with a grain of salt), but the ability to purchase BiS didn't initially have much affect on the ability to form a group and run content. This was, in my opinion, primarily due to availability.

It wasn't until late in the 1.x lifecycle when two things happened:

1. Someone discovered a trick that allowed them to learn BiS schematics by buying someone else's crafted mod, putting it into moddable gear, tearing it out, and reverse engineering it. Bioware eventually acknowledged this practice publicly and decided that it wasn't an exploit. At this point any crafter could learn to make BiS. Note that this was later patched out, but not for a very long time.

2. The previously rare materials of Molecular Stabilizers could be obtained by purchasing PvP gear and reverse engineering them. Suddenly you had a massive availability of the raw materials, accompanied by a significant number of crafters who could make it.

At that point it became easier for many players to buy BiS than to earn it. And I saw declines of groups forming. Both in my own guild, and on the fleet. But it was availability that caused this problem. Early on, materials were scarce, crafters were few, and prices were high.

What we see right now on the PTS, with the extraordinary costs of rare materials, the availability of 258 gear is going to be low. And the prices will be extraordinary.

These days, a full set of 246 runs around 50 million on Satele Shan.

What's 258 going to be? 300 million? 400 million? 500 million? How much real world money, turned into credits through the cartel market will that take? How many people will actually be willing to pay that much?

I think the impact of the ability to buy BiS is going to minimal, based purely on availability.