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You're forgetting about the craftable Campaign and Dread Guard gear in the 1.x days.

When the Cartel Market was introduced, people were able to buy things with cash, sell thos things for credits, and then use those credits purchase BiS gear being sold on the GTN. Also remember that there were set bonuses tied to the armor shells, and Tionese gear was being given for free just for dinging 50.

It wasn't until 2.0 that craftable gear was kept at one tier below BiS.
I don't remember that, but I was more into playing through all the class stories slowly and level 50 PVP back then.

As far as "free gear" goes, there are always catch-up mechanisms that have been in place in this and other MMOs. 126 gear with a set bonus, which if I remember correctly is what Tionese was, wasn't of concern in late 2012.

I would refer you to my previous post for thoughts on craftable 258 gear and potential problems with it:

"For example, let's say people get their 7 armor pieces doing Ossus dailies, MM FPs, etc. Will some "whales" or people generally be tempted to buy Earpiece/Implants/Relics with actual money? Does it become even more likely with Alts?

What about Mainhand/Offhand hilts, barrels and armorings, what is especially important for DPS and Healing? So far, it's not clear from the PTS if these will be craftable or not.

If they are, how many people will simply buy them instead of running a really difficult MM/NiM Operation, if they can even find a reliable group to do progression with these days?

Sure, veteran players generally have credits saved up, but others may not (say, folks who mostly just PVP, or those who return to the game to find their credits are worth almost nothing). And that you can simply use a credit card to get the BiS pieces you need to fill in on a character is, in my view, a problematic shift for the game. This is especially the case if revenue from SWTOR increases as a result.

We'll see how it actually works on the live server's market. It's generally not an efficient use of money to buy gear this way, but people have been wasting money on CM packs/items for most of the game's life when it was easy to play the GTN and game generally and buy the same items with credits earned in the process."
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