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And you know what is funny, I was never really worried about my roleplay experience until recently when we started talking about server mergers and to see how some people think about roleplayers. You see I always believed it didn't matter how you played the game as long as you played and were happy but that has changed when I have seen on this forum how some people view roleplayers and think of us as second class citizens and think we don't do group activities, etc. Just because we have our own way of doing things doesn't mean we should be pushed into a corner because we do things differently. Now I do worry about my roleplay because of some of these people on here.

I also did an experiment on Harbinger. I made a character, level through Tython and went to the fleet to check out things. What I found was disappointing. When I asked about roleplay I was told to shut up that roleplayers are not welcome there and the attitude I found I am still shaking my head about. I logged out and deleted that toon never to set foot again there.
My suggestion, that they need to police the game, helps everyone...RP'ers, PvP'ers, PvE'ers, or just general chatter'ers on planets and Fleet.

The reality of this game is, the populations don't support the number of servers we have - I don't care if you RP, PvP or PvE, we have too freaking many servers and it has become a cancer. I wish we had the populations to support the 218 we had at launch...but we don't...we never will. Change needs to happen.
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