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03.01.2016 , 05:09 AM | #49
I personally *LOVE* being a Lethality Op (just leveled a Ruffian Scoundrel on the Rep side). First of all I have to give credit to Wizbasky for showing the power of the spec. However you may view his PVP approach (and I disagree with some of it) you can't deny him the kudos for spending the time to put out quality PVP videos for Lethality. That being said what attracted me to the class is the incredible survive-ability of the spec in PVP. I've had so many players rage-chase me across warzone maps because they couldn't bring me down. I feel that with the exception of maybe Juggs and Mara's.. 1 v 1 I have no fear of any class/spec being able to kill me. Not with all of the defensive cooldowns and self healing capabilities I have at my disposal.

Just understand that the class doesn't do "INSANE BURST" ..that would be the trade-off for damn near sorc-like survive-ability. You're not going to global anyone in 3 cooldowns.. no 20-25K crits ..nothing like that. But play the spec the way it was meant to be played... in boxing parlance it would be "Stick and Move..Stick and Move".. or as Wizbasky put it.. ducking, dodging, weaving and bombing..and you'll fall in love with the spec as much as I did.

My only caution is that in 4 v 4 setups... Lethality kinda blows, at least in my experience. That's only due to the mechanics of our takes a while to ramp up and target swapping isn't our strong suit. YMMV