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Hey, I am looking to join a guild that will accommodate a few Jedi and a trooper. Preferably a smaller, active, friendly guild where quality is more important then quantity. You can reach me on this post or in game mail my character Arkaz. Thank you for your time!
Hiya Scotty,

First and foremost, happy holidays! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year. Now, regarding your post, I think I might have the perfect fit for you.

<Ex Nihil> is a fairly new-ish guild that has members from the USA, Australia, Chile, and Dubai. As any officer, or member, will tell you ..we very much value quality over quantity. We ask for the simple things: Respect, Courtesy, Common Sense, and No Drama. We don't have room for elitists either. We do have a Discord server but it is private so I won't put that info here. I will happily give you that info to check us out via private message or in-game mail. We are active at various points throughout the day and night. We tend to run FPs nightly and are working towards getting enough ready gear/level wise to start in on OPS. We have some who want to participate in those but aren't quite there yet so we are helping them. We don't like leaving anyone behind if we can help it.

If this sounds like something you want to check out, or would like more info, feel free to hit me up here (either through this thread or private message). I've also asked (since I'm not in game right now) one of our officers to mail you and he can provide more info as well.

Again, happy holidays and, if you decide not to join us, I hope you find what it is you are looking for.