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I do something to get something and I don't see any of the content worth doing if I can not gain something from it. 236, 242, 248, 252, 258 those were goals. Where are my goals if everything is nerfed including my toon?
For most? 300/302.

For the record, retail WoW did this too and it chased some away. Not me, but some. The goal there is 460-475 atm (since hitting the current max of 600 is an almost impossible grind).

The only real annoying part of this for me is how unbalanced some of these pieces are. Not overpowered, not even close, just... weirdly unbalanced. A 272 shouldn't have less in any stat than the base 268s the level booster on Odessen gives you, but some do and it's really weird.