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06.22.2012 , 11:30 AM | #6
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right first thing first i really dont care the come back or if i get banned because iv had enough of this game... and to all you people that are guna deny well that just you .... first thing first pvp is a joke if you all think its not one sided think again 12 hours of pvp 1 win on the republic side what the hell is that about ... pvp this morning not won a game at all gettiong beat is not the word 600-0 in about 3 civil war games .. youican all moan say what ever im done with this game i just wana make this post to shopw people that are thinking about joining this game dont its a joke the empire have everything all the events coming up empire all pvp empire this GA,ME IS ONE SIDED BIOWARE AND YOU HAVE RUINED THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT

P.S i really dont care if i get banned.
^ the reason why I win in Warzones!