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right first thing first i really dont care the come back or if i get banned because iv had enough of this game... and to all you people that are guna deny well that just you .... first thing first pvp is a joke if you all think its not one sided think again 12 hours of pvp 1 win on the republic side what the hell is that about ... pvp this morning not won a game at all gettiong beat is not the word 600-0 in about 3 civil war games .. youican all moan say what ever im done with this game i just wana make this post to shopw people that are thinking about joining this game dont its a joke the empire have everything all the events coming up empire all pvp empire this GA,ME IS ONE SIDED BIOWARE AND YOU HAVE RUINED THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT

P.S i really dont care if i get banned.
You realize that Bioware cannot control whether most roll imp or pub, or make it even. The class mirrors are equal, perhaps the better people on your server all chose imp. If you care, roll Imperial. Then, I bet we will be hearing from you about how the republic is so overpowered......
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