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Trooper characters.


Personality and traits:

Troopers are a varied lot, so instead of explaining what we池e looking for, better to go with what we want to avoid:

1. The Overranked Soldier
A badly written trooper is one that holds a rank higher than the role they will be performing. The guild story is one of combat operations and soldiers deployed into the fray of battle. We aren稚 Havoc Squad or 溺eteor (Force be with him/her) it痴 not normal for anyone over the rank of CPT to actively be seen on the battlefield. We keep the ranks at SGT and below.

2. The Do-Anything Soldier
A soldier who constantly switches roles on the battlefield without regard to service branch or rank, or is usually capable of handling every task they need to do by themselves. If you see the same trooper participating in an infantry skirmish one day, jump into the commander's seat of an APC the next, still later pilot an assault shuttle and finally go on a risky secret mission deep in enemy territory, then you know this trope is in effect. #wedontwantit



Members of Althir Platoon wear all white (White/White Dye) armor that follows the design of the TD-17A Colossus, Trooper痴 Exalted, and/or the Stalwart Protector sets. We値l help you get the armor or something similar, but probably won稚 supply you with the dye until you致e shown us what version of the set you池e going to go with. Looking unified is important to us, but we also don稚 want you to hate the way your trooper looks, so some deviations are cool, so long as it doesn稚 detract from the overall uniformity of the guild.

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