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Valor-class cruiser Peremptory, Republic Fleet, the Core, 26 standard hours after the Invasion of Ossus

The bowels of the ship were teeming with the ship's crew making preparations to set space detail and get underway. In the midst of the somewhat organized chaos, the 103rd Battalion of the 66th Infantry Brigade was boarding the cruiser in waves aboard shuttles departing to and from Carrick Station. Hundreds of soldiers were being ushered around and getting acquainted with the Peremptory—one of the surviving Valor-class cruisers of the Republic's dismantled Navy.

The Eternal Empire's conquest of the galaxy had a reverberating affect on the Republic and the Sith. Unfortunately, after the Eternal Empire became the Eternal Alliance, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire picked right back up where they left hostilities.

The third war between the Sith and the Republic—if it ever truly ended—was defibrillated on Ossus, a terrestrial planet off the Perlemian Trade Route in the Outer Rim. A contingent of Jedi set up a colony there to avoid total annihilation during the reign of the Eternal Empire. This was something the unbridled Sith Empire could not abide...

The invasion of Ossus provoked the Republic’s military to knock off the dust and move to aid their ancient allies. It was no easy move, however. In dejarik, the play would leave the Republic forked. At the time, its forces were little more than capable of defending the systems that made up its democracy. So going to Ossus left the Republic exposed, but not going ran the risk of seeing the extinction of the Jedi Order. And this was something the Republic could not abide...

So it was war, whether by fate or the Force, it was war...and the Peremptory was a warship. Therefore, off to war she would go and the mettlesome members of the 103rd would go with her. She would watch over them and they over her, because she was home—come what may—she was home.


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