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Thing is, sorcs are dual specs, so if they release only one set they have to choose between healer and dps, so Madness/Lightning gets nothing at all this time. Similar thing for juggs - the new set is clearly aimed at tanks (and is very interesting for Immortal for specific fights) but the Rage/Vengeance dps spec will get nothing new, unless for some reason they want to trade Descend of the Fearless for being able to aggro drop twice? Then there are also different modes - PvP might need a very different sets than PvE needs, and even in PvE and PvP there are different modes of group content (4 man where only 1 heal/tank is present, 8 man with 2 of each...), so I do not think it is possible to make a clear BiS set for everyone, unless it is something very overpowered in comparison to other sets - so much that it is good for both tank and dps or dps and healer, and those sets were already targeted for nerf (PT one, and Gathering Storm change that did not go through).

As I wrote, this set is not something I will use (for MM ops raiding), but I cannot speak for ranked PvP sorc healers who might find this useful. I just love Revitalized Mystic 4th piece bonus and hope that the 6th piece maybe will get buffed - but for me, this set bonus is THE pve sorc healer set and I do not feel a need for different one - unless the Innervate cooldown reduction is build into Corruption spec passives or Innervate skill itself, which would then open up more sets for usage. What I do feel a need for is tactical items, but there are 4 pages of that already And afaik there were no changes to the tactical items on PTS before when stronghold was here, but it is quite possible we can get some even without them being on public PTS build, or they will open a new PTS with them. Because the 8 new sets - while they were on PTS - is not obtainable on live servers yet, but we can see the achievements and abilities are prepared for them.

What I would find nice is if there was some 2-way communication like on PTS before they even implement some changes, to ensure some consensus on what is needed to change and how - because it sucks to implement some changes and then get a backlash for all the hard work you did, which either forces you to redo it (more work and feeling annoyed for developer) or keep it and potentially loose customers (who are annoyed be developers not listening, and developer is annoyed at players for not being happy with their hard work). I have developed a web game for some time and while there is no way to please everyone (and I went through both of the things I wrote about above), in the end I found out that presenting the intended changes and the rationale behind it worked best - like nerfing a super strong set, because over 70% players used it was not popular, but people understood why it was not healthy for game and we were able to reach a compromise which still left the set strong, but not best of best - so people slowly explored other sets and the number went down over time (regearing is not fast). Other times players brought up that some skill is too weak and ideas how to buff it (sometimes to the point it would be wildly overpowered), and again it was often possible to buff the skill - not as much as suggested, but to make it usable. What was best though was that the community felt engaged, when 10 people agreed that some skill is too weak and brought it to me and it got buffed a bit, all of them felt like they did something for the game and everyone in it, they felt like they left a small mark on the game, and it greatly increased their loyalty and willingness to play it more.
But, let's be honest, it was also exhausting work to sort through the posts and find out what really makes sense and what is an attempt to nerf someone else / buff themselves without any good reason. My guess is that developers read this, but they will implement the healer changes before they announce them to players as usually happens. But they apparently were going to change healers, so I am waiting for the announcement of what they decided to do - but I do not expect it very soon Hopefully I will be proven wrong...
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