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For me as well, it's just that in the Y4 Stronghold I just can't make it work somehow. I've been all over the place tried different rooms, areas, buildings. I tried various things but not a single area or room worked for me. I've never had it that bad before.

And it all comes down to the rooms being oddly shaped and or hooks not being in the right places or the right size to put things in there that work well together.

I've been to various Y4 strongholds of other people and not a single one I've visited so far had a room in it where I went...yeh that's cool. Nothing. I really don't get what they were thinking with their hook placement. It's so bad I am actually thinking of retiring it in favour of coruscant again. At the moment it feels like a complete waste of my money/credits.
Yeah, im really struggling as well.
Unlike the 4 existing SH's this is so heavily themed it provides much more of a challenge for people looking to enhance and go along with said theme.
Aside the points you raised, lighting or lack of is also an issue for me, its ok if you like the dark atmosphere, but not having a choice is a real bummer for me. Nowhere other than the main temple foyer has any place to put lights in. it wouldn't be so bad if the wall lights actually threw some light instead of only being a decoration, you could get some really nice effects in some of the rooms if they did.
I have a friend that has his virtually empty and said its awesome as it is, he added a few relics here and there for rp purposes and absolutely loves it, and note that this guy has enough deco to fill it 3 times over.. It just reinforces what I feel about how heavily themed it is.