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I'm not particularly disappointed in the decision to have a set character (including species, gender, etc.) for the player character, as it makes sense with the "everything is canon" approach going on now. It was, for example, rather awkward the way stories had to contort to keep Revan's gender and appearance ambiguous before they finally bit the bullet and set them both within the G-Canon (and up to the end still dodge the question of what his name was before becoming "the Revanchist"). I didn't have a problem with Iden Versio, with all her defined characteristic, as the set main character of Battlefront II, either.

What does dampen my enthusiasm a bit, however, are the choices they made for what that set main character (and the principle antagonist) is going to be in Fallen Order. Cal Kestis and Second Sister just ... well, they just look like about the most generic hero and villain I've seen in a while. At least Second Sister seems to move in a halfway interesting manner, so it's possible the virtual performance of the character will make her stand out and come across as interesting. I'm afraid I haven't seen anything that gives me much real hope in terms of how interesting Cal is going to be.
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