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07.13.2015 , 05:18 PM | #9
2-Piece: Crushing Blow or Guardian Slash increases damage reduction by 2% for 4 seconds. Good like it no problem here.

4-Piece: Aegis Assault or Warding Strike reduces the cool down of Taunt and Challenging Call or Threatening Scream by 2 seconds per activation. Sux like all 4 sets do it seems. Taunt cool down "mehh" it fine at 15 seconds but 2 seconds on threatening scream worthless to me. Make it a 15 second reduction to scream now we talking good threat rotation plus damage reduction to raid group. Do that and drop the taunt cool down I would use then!

6-Piece: Increases the duration of Blade Turning by 1.5 second, and the duration of Invincible or Warding Call by 3 seconds. 1.5 and 3 seconds not worth to me as you may not even take damage for those extra seconds as few as they are. Either triple the time or my personal favorite give me a 10% threat increase. Especially if raid got a lot of melee. Although the 4 set does give more threat variation and 2 piece gives damage reduction why give another dame reduction or threat here? Maybe increase damage dealt on sundering assault to increase threat? As a Jug tank I got plenty of damage reduction through my rotation if played right.

I only run the 2 piece for my Jug, the loss of armor stats from 198 to 192 set piece just not worth it for the gain in my opinion. My dps I run the 6 pieces on sniper and merc. Jug tank just not enough bang for the buck to me.