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Decent suggestion. As for the movement speed buff, just make it so that the 6-piece says, "Increases the duration of Blade Turning by 1.5 second, and the duration of Invincible or Warding Call by 3 seconds. In addition, your guarded target no longer needs to be attacked for you to gain Rule of Two." This will make it so that, while we don't have an instant super speed boost that doesn't require a target to leap to like Hydraulics/Force Speed, we will passively have more speed than the other two tanks all the time(as long as we have someone guarded).

Kind of on a tangent, but why do you guys want to change the set bonuses up now? The only set bonuses that really need changing currently are just some minor specific ones, not every single one for every single class. Random little things like DPS Sorcs still using their old alacrity buff or some classes gaining their auto-crit proc weirdly...Most of the other set bonuses are perfectly fine though or are being adjusted in 3.3 to be valuable.
I'm glad to see them engaging with me community more. I suggested something for every toon/spec I play. Everyone should! but don't make suggestions like that dudes in sawbones healer set bonus feedback sticky. LOL that was hilarious. He basically made scoundrel invincible.