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Humans fit well overall with all the classes but if I look this from side of species:

Jedi Knight: Mirialan or perhaps Zabrak or Twi'lek
Jedi Consular: Mirialan, Miraluka or Togruta
Trooper: Cathar or Zabrak
Smuggler: Twi'lek or maybe Mirialan (considering that Hylo Visz is one)

Sith Warrior: Pureblood
Sith Inquisitor: Twi'lek (Their overall slave background makes) or perhaps other alien species too (Apart from Pureblood unless their house has been cast down and made slaves after failed attempt to gain power or Chiss.)
Bounty Hunter: Rattataki or perhaps Dathomirian Zabrak. Maybe Cathar too.
Imperial Agent: Chiss
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