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The whole point of bolster is to make it even for everybody.. What? Did you want to go back and bash on undergeared people and feel good about yourself?

Interesting seeing alot of blind/incompetent people thinking they're good in pvp when the game itself caters towards people with BiS gear against those with no gear.

Not saying you're blind or incompetent personally but seriously.. if you thought the pvp was fair to begin with.......

............... lol.
Nobody cared about it being fair really, it was a gear grind and something for you to do to keep you busy. Now there is no point .. you go in you can 7k crit somebody easily (even naked btw)2 shot them, and then you get 2 shot and you are back out there again. IT isn't working and the devs are stupid if this is gonna keep people entertained.

What is the point of buying any augs or gearing your toon up in this game anymore if you can go in the warzone naked and raped people. There is nothing to be had.. I beat the game already I am done.