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so my fully min maxed ewh marauder was just killed by a lvl 35 sin with 30k healh/assassinate for 7400 dmg...cant wait to see the lolacaust that lvl 55 pvp is going to be with the bolster changes. am getting 2 shot by everyone/2 shotting everyone i target. if anyone played the secret world, it feels like pvp in that game now. i really dont care how broken 10-54 is but im just guessing based on what ive seen so far that 55 is gonna be so broken now.

The whole point of bolster is to make it even for everybody.. What? Did you want to go back and bash on undergeared people and feel good about yourself?

Interesting seeing alot of blind/incompetent people thinking they're good in pvp when the game itself caters towards people with BiS gear against those with no gear.

Not saying you're blind or incompetent personally but seriously.. if you thought the pvp was fair to begin with.......

............... lol.