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01.23.2013 , 08:34 PM | #16
Well smash by itself isn't that OP and one (even geared) smasher is not too big of a deal. I believe the main issue around smash relates to the lack of premade matching in this game. Any idiot with decent gear and being healed can do very very well on smash if the other team is a near even match or especially if they are worse. Also, even if the smasher doesn't have a ph if his team is better at killing then smash is very easy.

If you are pugging and the other team is an even match or better than your team then smash actually does take some skill and really shouldn't be considered op.

Due to how easy it is to do well on with a better team and especially when being healed it has become very popular for premaders to use. Then you not only have a strong class but you have a strong class being stacked in a geared premade while the other team has a few random recruit players. Let the QQ begin!

BTW, war type classes are always easymode in mmos when their team is better and especially when they are being healed. They usually require skill if they are not though and so I have found that wars are more likely to form premades than many classes (excluding healers).

Also, playing a lot of pvp on 8 classes I have noticed some of the "best" wars the rare times they have pugged and they were almost all horrible if their team wasn't significantly better ....rofl.