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Please don't listen to the poster above me about salvation.

Yes, it only works if someone stands in it etc etc etc...
Voidstar, novare, and alderaan (civil war) are classic prime examples of how great and effective that AOE heal is!

Voidstar - Drop AOE on yourself and other healers and then spot heal.
- Drop AOE by door and LOS all attackers and spot heal.
- Drop AOE by door trying to be opened and if you're super geared your aoe can hit for almost 1k per tick in warzones.

Novare Coast - Drop your AOE on the node sit back and spot heal.

Civil war - Drop AOE on node LOS and spot heal/bubble etc..

It simply allows you to heal 8 people for large amounts without having to do anything.
Now, MOST people don't notice the AOE on teh ground cause they're focusing on their target, but if you are a good player you use this aoe to your advantage and stun your targets in it and use it as a safe zone to fight out of or around.

I've always used this in PVP and so does my pocket healer. I've seen him break 1,000,000+ healing many times too!

For PVP you want
260-300 Alacrity
300-350 surge.
33-36% crit (most of your big heals tend to get interrupted so the power helps your HOT and AOE tick harder.
I say half willpower augments and half power augments.
(Some sorcs/sages) use the 18 endurance 12 power augments and a exotech fortitude stim for more defense in war zones. Allows you to live longer etc and helps your warzone medpack hit you for more HP since its a 30% HP total heal.

All your mods need to be the high power or high crit.
Enhancements need to be high power surge and etc etc..

Use an orange belt and bracer and stick the armoring from the offhand in them and then a power mod from one of the pieces (yes this takes time to get and you waste the other enhancement etc so just send it to a toon with 400 artifice and RE it then sell it on the GTN to pay for your min maxing cost.

Expertise i'd say sit around 1280-1320 That high of expertise youre losing on output, but still gaining on defense etc..

hope this helps!
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