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How would this work for a rating system? Have 10 pts be the baseline gap for 1st to 2nd to 3rd kills for the first boss only. Once the 2nd boss is down, start considering how many kills have happened per unit time and calculate the ratio of these kills/time for 2nd boss compared to the first boss. If there are 10 recorded kills of the first boss in the first 24 hours, yet only 5 kills of the 2nd boss since the first time the 2nd boss is killed first, then the 1st boss would have a 2:1 ratio of kills/time compared to the 2nd boss and would have a gap in points for successive kills of 20. These ratios would be recalculated each time a new report of a kill is added.

These ratios would be recalculated each time a new report of a kill is added.

To recap, use the 1st boss as a base line. Each successive kill gets 10 less than the previous. Compare each subsequent boss in the instance in terms of kills per hour since the first time that boss is killed to the ratio of kills/hour of the 1st baseline boss. Multiply the baseline 10 pts by this ratio and recalculate this pt score for each new reported kill of the 1st boss and all the others too. The starting values of each boss should be all the same, ie, 1000, or similar value that gives enough room for the awarded points to be reduced by X yet still remain positive by the time the spreadsheet has stopped being updated however many months down the line that is.

This system will take into consideration the relative difficulty of each of the bosses in the instance and it should be far more equitable to this current system that saw Vorgath being weighted in terms of kill order the same as Kephess which was orders of magnitude more difficult, yet whos reward for killing before another guild was exactly the same.