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This still has not been done.

Ranking of the guilds and the dates upon which the timed run has been completed is a truer reflection of world ranking, than your point system which favors guilds who are online when the patch drops.

It's not really much different for the title, it's just whoever runs EC NiM first that week, one guild may opt to run it on the tuesday lockouts reset and clear it in ~110mins, however another guild may decide to run on the thursday and clear it in ~70mins. The second guild performed a quicker run; it did not take them anymore runs of the instance than the first guild to obtain the title. However, because they opted to run the instance later in the week they lose out. It's the same regardless of weather it's a timed run or world first kills, the guilds who are online the moment the servers are up, and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve world first usually will.