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Hmmm, the underlined seems complicated. I'm not on your server, but if I send you my FRAPS (only like 20 seconds worth) is that enough for you to make a .gif? I don't think I'll be able to pull it off.
Yeah for sure, if you want to upload your video clips to Mediafire or something, I could dload them, & then I'll just need you to explain what you'd like your .gif to show.

A few pointers:
Set FRAPs to record at full quality.
Alt + Z in-game to toggle the HUD, so none of the aspects get in way of the video.
If you're going to be in combat, turn off all of the Flytext & Nameplates during the recording.

You'll notice that in the .gifs I made, there are no HUD aspects or Flytext or Nameplates. You don't ~have to do this, but it looks more like a clip from a cinematic or a movie this way. Your choice!