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Tatooine is my main Stronghold**. To give you some ideas:
The balcony is basically done as a party center with lots of tables and chairs and some people.
The 2 rooms off the balcony are "bedrooms" - one Republic themed, one Imperial (but sort of LS Imp).
The central area off the balcony is my main hub which has all guild/legacy/cargo holds, medical droids, GTN terminal, appearance mod station, etc.
The "big pit" is filled with various banners etc, but mostly plants. I know, a garden on a desert planet is kind of rude, but that's just how rich my Gunslinger is.
The ship dock used to contain my speeder/pet collection, but that got moved to Yavin when it got too big, so now it's filled with a (Smuggler's) starship, a large bunch of gathering decos (utility/crafting) and trophies.
The "outside landing pad" has some sort of big gun on it.
The room off the "big pit" is a med bay.
The rooms off the "small pit" are science labs and droid repair/maintenance.
The hallway to the small pit is mostly datacron decos.
The other outdoor areas are a "market" area, a "camping" area, and a "weapons/equipment" area.
Plus, of course other decos around the place.

** Qua'ker's stronghold. Publicly listed. Only 97% because I'm more interested in having it look right than be 100%
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