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04.11.2012 , 04:17 PM | #18
Why is this not in the PVP thread, it would get way more views and updates from their. If your true intent is to get as much feedback as possible move this thread or stop closing the ones in the PVP forum. With that said here is what i have to say,

Why are people defending the policy and behavior. THEY HAD A Fing CONVENTION telling everyone how great something is going to be, they than made sales ($$$) on said promises, pushed the delivery back, and than indefinitley suspended the content that everyone has made investments on. Other business have been sued and gone bankrupt over sales made on false promises. IT WILL BE OUT IN MARCH, OK EARLY APRIL, OK APRIL 12TH, OK WE HAVE NO CLUE. Maybe BW will learn from this to not sell something unless you have it, or if you dont know an answer don't give one.

Also it has gone from season, to pre-season, to no season. Yes i rather have a broken pre-season instead of no season. If it means everyone gets gear way to easy than so be it. PVP should be player vs player not gear vs gear, give everyone full warhero sets when they hit 50 i don't care about that.

And maybe my Favorite quote this month
"Rest assured, that you will know ahead of time when Game Update 1.2 is going to be released. JovethGonzalez"
We had less than 3 days notice for 1.2, and less than 12 hours notice for this money siphoning move.

Beyond pathetic.