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When Malgus returns in jedi under siege why does he say nothing about you killing him? My Sith Warrier killed him in the False Emporer flashpoint yet it's not mentioned by him and there are no dialogue options for it.
I don't the dynamic between my toons and Malgus. I did not feel that we did not know each other, but still the whole "i'm the one that kill you" was not present, that really pisses me.
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There's a bug that sometimes affects certain characters. It causes them to have the default dialogue options as if they never did False Emperor when they meet him. I'm not sure why if affects some characters and not others, there doesn't seem to be any patter that I've detected.

And if it still affects you then it sounds like Bioware hasn't dealt with it.
Mmmm, never hear of that. I even look at videos of people going for every possible dialogue choice to look for any reference that player chracter was the one that killed him and found nothing
If that's a bug then i'm even more pissed because i cannot repeat Ossus story.
BW can track perfectly whatever i choose in a very unimportant side quest in the starting planet(malora) but cannot track the ending of one of the main storylines?
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